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Discover Carbon Craft 

What we do

We help people utilize carbon for their business needs. We take carbon and make it widely available to multiple businesses for sustainable usages in their operations.

Click the link below for more info on carbon capture.


Our Vision

Carbon-based infrastructure in every type of business

Our priority is to facilitate the integration of carbon-based infrastructure across diverse business sectors to forge a greener future. Numerous companies are currently engaged in laboratory efforts to develop carbon-based products. However, our unique contribution lies in advancing these enterprises by facilitating scalable operations and offering substantial volumes of CO2. Ultimately, our goal is to innovate cost-effective and highly efficient tools that harness the potential of carbon.



A more sustainable future for our kids and their businesses.

We aim to partner with companies who share our passion for sustainability and help them utilize carbon. With our partnered Direct Air Capture (DAC) units, we can capture and help companies repurpose carbon more cheaply and effectively. 


By establishing and nurturing these strategic alliances, combined with well-established sales funnels, we aim to redirect our focus and allocate additional resources to advance the field of carbon capture and utilization.

In the dynamic landscape of the carbon tech industry, 2021 witnessed an unprecedented surge with the emergence of 350 startups. Recognizing this momentum, our mission is not only to support these innovative ventures but to provide a comprehensive framework that seamlessly delivers high-quality carbon resources to propel their growth and sustainability initiatives.


Carbon Crafts is proactively expanding our outreach to connect with new businesses seeking carbon-related solutions!! We are dedicated to building strong connections and identifying clientele with specific carbon needs. By actively seeking opportunities to broaden our network, we aim to establish meaningful relationships and provide tailored solutions to businesses looking for carbon-centric products or services. If your business has unique carbon requirements, we invite you to explore the innovative solutions and expertise that Carbon Crafts brings to the table. Our team is ready to collaborate and address your carbon-related needs effectively, contributing to the success and sustainability of your operations.

Meet the Team

Akash Gandi

Curran Advani

Hello all! As two passionate undergraduates at the University of California - Santa Cruz, we have embarked on our journey to mitigate the drastic effects of climate change through the power of human connection. We're excited to have you with us on this adventure.  Let's turn our collective hope into impactful action.  

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